cornerstoneWhat is Cornerstone Club?

Hattiesburg Area Habitat for Humanity’s Cornerstone Club is a monthly giving program that allows you to directly support affordable homeownership in our community with minimal
effort. Each month, your
contribution to Hattiesburg Area Habitat is automatically deducted from your checking account or charged to your credit card.

Membership in Cornerstone Club means more of your contribution goes directly to Hattiesburg Area Habitat’s program with less administrative overhead – your donation is more effective because processing costs less.


To fully fund one new home build each fiscal year.
To increase awareness of Habitat and the benefits Habitst brings to the community.
To encourage others to join.

Giving Levels:Jesus is the cornerstone

Quartz $ 500.00          Granite $ 250.00

Marble $ 100.00         Slate $  50.00

Limestone $  25.00     Sandstone $  10.00

What are the Benefits of Joining?

  • Effortless donation with the elimination of time required to write and mail a check.
  • Savings on postage and possible bank processing fees.
  • Donations are Tax Deductible to the extent provided by law.  Recognition in newsletter and on our website for your committed support.
  • Satisfaction of knowing your monthly donation ensures families can realize the dream of homeownership.
  • Easy termination – it only requires a written request.


How do I Start?

Simply complete the Cornerstone Club authorization form and return it to Hattiesburg Area Habitat. Or visit to sign up online. To debit your monthly contribution from your checking account, please attach a voided check to the form.


Transactions occur automatically every month beginning the month following enrollment. We must receive a written notification requesting termination or suspense of the debit or credit card charges.


If you have additional questions, please contact the Development Manager at 601-582-4663, ext 17, or

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