Hattiesburg Area Habitat for Humanity is seeking to establish a Faith Relations Committee.

Interested individuals should contact Laura @ 601.582.4663 or LLGWright@hattiesburghabitat.org

Description for a Faith Relations Team Leader


The Faith Relations team leader is responsible to the affiliate board of directors and is expected to:

  • form a Faith Relations team and lead the team in fulfilling its
  • train team members to make effective presentations.
  • serve as an encourager—a cheerleader— for team
  • develop or be familiar with a system of accountability and documentation. He or she must be able to determine who contacted whom, and with what
  • call and chair meetings for the Faith Relations team and keep the board of directors and necessary committees updated.
  • stay in contact with HFHI’s Faith Relations department to obtain promotional and how-to materials and to learn about denominational/church endorsements and sponsorships.



An effective Faith Relations team leader has:

  • a commitment to the ministry of Habitat for Humanity and the
  • previous leadership experience supporting Habitat in his or her congregation or has been a leader and organizer of other church outreach
  • a strong understanding of the exciting things that can happen when a church becomes a Habitat
  • the desire to share the Habitat story with others.


Job Description for a Faith Relations Team Member

(Where All Members Have the Same Function)



A Faith Relations team member is responsible for:

  • approaching individuals about involving their churches in Habitat’s
  • suggesting partnership possibilities that seem appropriate for the ministry goals of various
  • supporting church leaders with promotional materials, making presentations to churches, answering questions and offering encouragement to church



Faith Relations team members should have:

  • the desire to lead congregations into a partnership with
  • previous experience supporting Habitat through their congregations (or experience with other outreach ministries of the congregation).
  • patience—recruiting churches can take a long time.
  • willingness to make presentations for Habitat and the skills to speak in


Suggested membership Homeowners, chairs of church mission committees, retired clergy