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An update from Cynthia Stevens on April 11, 2013:

“On February 10, 2013, my family and I were victims of  an EF-4 Tornado. My kids and I were home when the tornado hit, leaving us to evacuate our premises. Our whole apartment complex was hit pretty hard, therefore everyone had to leave. From there we went to stay with my kids’ grandmother for a week until I could find another apartment. I continue to Thank God daily for sparing us  and others that were affected.  This transition has been a struggle for me, I’m constantly worrying about the well being of my family and being able to move forward. However, my sense of security is gone right now, I’m trying to adjust in our new apartment , but it just doesn’t feel like Home. Our bathroom and bedrooms were flooded due to roof damage.  We lost a lot in the storm, but in exchange we gained a lot of LOVE from friends, family, co-workers and even people I have yet to meet. I am so very Grateful.  I am currently a Partner Family with Hattiesburg Area Habitat for Humanity. The first wall of our new home went up on March 18, 2013. We need volunteers to come out and help with construction, because without the Volunteers this build would not be possible. My FAITH, PATIENCE and the Smiles on my kids faces are what keep me grounded. In less than a year, I will be a homeowner and that makes me so happy. At the same time, I know that His timing is always perfect, so He is Blessing me with so much Patience.”

Ms Stevens and her beautiful children have been partners of Habitat for Humanity since December of 2010 .  Ms. Stevens works for Wesley Medical Center. The Steven’s home is under construction in the City of Petal. They were victims of the February 10th tornado and lost their apartment and all of their belongings. Habitat has worked with our community partners to meet the immediate needs of the Stevens family and they have since been relocated to another apartment. However, their new home through Habitat for Humanity will give them a sense of stability following such a devastating loss. The Stevens family has been a partner with Habitat for Humanity since 2010 and was already selected to receive the next home built in Petal.

The Stevens family’s current living conditions are extremely overcrowded.  She currently has a 6 yr old daughter and 2 year old son living with her and they share a bedroom. One of her children currently resides with her mother due to her small apartment.  When the Stevens family home is complete, Cynthia will finally have her family all under one roof. The Stevens family home is on track for completion by the summer of 2013- they are so excited to own their very own home!

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