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What: Purple Purse Luncheon and Auction

Where: Half Shell Oyster House

When: October 28th, 12-4 PM

Why: To Raise Money to Build a Home for a Domestic Abuse Survivor

About: Tickets Cost $50

  1. That gets you a four course meal
    1. Salad Options: Caesar or Half Shell Salad
    2. Appetizer Options: Lobster and Crab Dip or Fried Green Tomatoes
    3. Main Course Options: Seafood Pasta or Chicken Alfredo Pasta
    4. Desert Options: Bread Pudding or Chocolate Cake
  2. It also gives you the opportunity to bid on one of three purple purses
    1. These Purses are designed by Kerry Washington of “Scandal” and Serena Williams famed tennis star
    2. They are part of the Purple Purse Foundation, which help Domestic Abuse Victims