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Christmas Message from Florrie Johnson-

My name is Florrie Johnson and this is my first Christmas in my new home. I can’t thank God enough for all His blessings. I would also like to thank Habitat and all of the volunteers for making my dream of being a homeowner a reality.

I would like to extend a happy holiday blessing to the Habitat Family. May God forever bless and keep you.

– Florrie Johnson
(Homeowner since June 2012)

Miss Johnson is the proud mother of two children and grandmother to three grandsons. She is a graduate of North Forrest High School and Southwest Community College where she received her LPN degree. After graduating from high school- she began work as a certified Nursing Assistant and was employed with Happy Acres and Forrest General Homecare. She continued to work as a nursing assistant while she finished her degree as a Licensed Practical Nurse. Miss Johnson loves to work with the elderly. Shortly after her graduation from college, her doctors discovered that she had a tumor. Her sister also had a similar tumor, and recommended that she fly to Chicago to see her doctor to have it removed. The tumor was removed but would return three more times. In 2003, complications from yet another surgery led to a stroke that would paralyze one half of Miss Johnson’s body. Following the stroke, she was in a coma for two weeks. When she woke up, she couldn’t walk. She slowly began to relearn to walk. At first, using a walker and then with a cane. She credits her recovery to the encouragement of her friends and family, but mostly through her faith in God. “My parents always told me don’t never give up and keep on trying.  You can always do for yourself if you put forth the effort” Now, almost 10 years later, she is able to walk and even drive herself wherever she needs to go. “I take one step forward and usually two or three steps back but I always get where I need to go”- she jokes. “People always ask me how I have the strength to keep going forwards and I say that I always prayed and I always remember what my parents told me” said Johnson.

Miss Johnson found out about Habitat for Humanity through her sister, a friend of a current Habitat Homeowner. When asked what her Habitat House would mean to her she had this to say:

“Being a homeowner, it is a dream that a person has.  After my illness I couldn’t work to do what I wanted to because I was on a fixed income.  Thanks to God for making it happen and thanks to you all that it is happening.  I am so much further now that I ever thought I would be .I am blessed to be here and I am not sorry for myself.  I always look at it as someone is worse off than me and it gives me the strength to keep pushing forward. My very first Christmas in my very own home will be a dream come true.” 

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